Silent Fog – Photography

Image Silent Fog by Tyler Mcilvain Tyler is an amateur photographer , who is best at nature shots and getting that perfect shot.



by Ama Akoto I love the way my name sounds As it’s Falling off cracked lips And crashing to the cold, Unyielding ground below

Black Wall Street’s Beat

Black Wall Street’s Beat by Christina Boyd I walk downtown Sidewalk steppin’ I am Gene Kelly’s Sasha Fierce Singin’ in the rain actn’   This is my little Apple!   Smaller than the big one that birthed me But big enough to hold the systematic design Of projects, poverty, and crime   Revitalized bricks full... Continue Reading →


BLACK. by Joshua Gay Spring unto thee thy child, For you too are America. Your rib cage is thin from malnourishment, And your body is filled with 90% water and 10% Ramen noodle packet. Gracious Women, In the evenings when day has begun to intertwine with night. Even if the skies match what you see... Continue Reading →

The Horrible Marriage

The Horrible Marriage by Laphael Williams Why won’t you leave? Why are you here? I don’t you need you. I never wanted you. You choose to stay, even when I ask you to go. You put me down time after time again. Why won’t you go? Somedays I just sit down and watch in silence.... Continue Reading →

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