The Horrible Marriage

The Horrible Marriage

by Laphael Williams

Why won’t you leave?

Why are you here?

I don’t you need you.

I never wanted you.

You choose to stay, even when I ask you to go.

You put me down time after time again.

Why won’t you go?

Somedays I just sit down and watch in silence.

 As you brew a storm going on and on.

I can’t call the cops or my friends, they will think I’m crazy.

Lady Gaga was right “This wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion”

Depression why won’t you leave.

Laphael Williams is a junior at NCCU; he is an interdisciplinary studies major. He loves to write (poem and fantasy fiction) in his spare time. Also, he enjoys learning about different subjects (psychology, sociology, etc.). He’s easy going and hard working.



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