by Joshua Gay
Spring unto thee thy child,
For you too are America.
Your rib cage is thin from malnourishment,
And your body is filled with 90% water and 10% Ramen noodle packet.
Gracious Women,
In the evenings when day has begun to intertwine with night.
Even if the skies match what you see in the mirror,
You will always shine like the stars.
We pray for your good health.
Young men,
Playing catch by yourself is lonesome.
The baseball cap on your head has withered like a rose in a field of tobacco.
I ask you to rise up with your fist raised, until the day you can say I AM FREE AT LAST!
Kings and Queens,
Knock down the door of the oppressor.
Walk through the flaming doors of fear,

And yell that my life does matter too!
We can all relate,
The saying must be true.
We are so black that we are blue.
Change the direction of that scowl and make history.
Black excellence is everyday,
And not just in month number two.
Black as the midnight hour
Black as the secrets of the sea.
Black is Bold
Black is Love
And Black is beautiful
And I don’t need 28 days for someone to remind me.
The color missing from the rainbow.
I guess that makes it unique,
That’s fine — with me.

[Remember Me.]

Joshua Gay is a writer and aspiring film-maker. Joshua is the President of Eagle Creators Society, and he has one goal in mind, to open the voices of the black youth. Joshua is dedicated and unapologetically black, ready to soar like the ones that has came before him (because the eagle is no ordinary barnyard fowl). Joshua’s greatness is yet to come, and he just hopes he has left his legacy on the campus which he has come to love. Joshua will forever be an eagle, with his pride being amplified, he hopes people will forever know his lasting message. “Remember Me”


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