Black Wall Street’s Beat

Black Wall Street’s Beat

by Christina Boyd

I walk downtown

Sidewalk steppin’

I am Gene Kelly’s Sasha Fierce

Singin’ in the rain actn’


This is my little Apple!


Smaller than the big one that birthed me

But big enough to hold the systematic design

Of projects, poverty, and crime


Revitalized bricks full of history

Pictures swaying in new store front windows

Shepard and Spaulding building ideas of Black Wall Street


Bull City!


The melting pot of history

From civil war settlers

To the capital of femininity


Head tilted down

Tobacco blowing from your nose

Foot dug in the ground


You see red

You breathe burgundy

Your pulse is grey


Church’s on every corner

With no presence of religion-

So grey your soul stays


Bull City!


New lite up highway

In remembrance

Of the cities divide


Suggestion of hysteria

Magic wands of the media-

Makes me question who “They” work for


Showing excuses of Re-gentrification

Re-locating the poor to they no longer live here

To their presence is felt no more


Bull City!


I don’t know why I love you

As if I was a Durhamite

But I do!


Pumping two backward fist –

Thumbs pointed out towards wrists

The Bruh’s gotta feel me


City of Medicine- City of Dreams

Melting pot of Hope

That created “This Bull City Queen”


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