Philosophical Breakdown

Philosophic Breakdown

by KeAndre Black

For our current lives,

We live on average of around seventy eight years,

It’s already hard enough to survive,

Life passes us by too quickly to be sad or angry that we are being oppressed,

If not by color then by limitations of freedom in wealth,

Every book has a different story,

So we can’t judge a book by its cover,

Every person has their own type of book,

A different cover on every front cover,

Each waiting to be read,

Each with their own knowledge written,

That is wealth in its own being,

So are we merely objects,

Objects adorned in clothes that ultimately finds refuge in our bedroom floors,

Clothes that determine different aspects of our being,

Lacking the ability to see anything that’s skin deep,

Sounds like a nonsensical heap,

What I’m trying to get at is the path of this algorithm,

Which starts off as a philosophical phenomenon,

Which often involves the way lives are lived,

Where they are lived at,

The things that surround them,

And vice versa

KeAndre Black – A man from a small country-like town. Where he is going in life, he himself doesn’t know, he only follows the paths he see’s ahead of him. Living life like an adventure, following the flow of life.


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