15 Minute Implosion

15 Minute Implosion

by Joshua Gay

If I ran for president I’d FREE all of my homies from the man

I’m talking bout, No worries, No problems, and god help us no Uncle Sam.

I was born on a Monday,


Born a boy with a plan, so much respect on my brand, That my brain should be banned.

They tried to Sink ship “Yes We Can”

while they ship my soul out to Iran…..



Cause I ran in a span of 30 minutes to get away from reality.

Me vs the World, seemed like fly on the wall vs fatality.



Your looking at the New Prophecy of the World Leader.

Im Huey Newton, Gandhi and Langston Hughes rolled all in one together.

My name is already in the books, just being born was all it took.


I stand before you the unsung legend, my life is destined, I’m strong lessoned, a Ferrari Engine.

You let me keep my feet on the gas too long I’ll teach you life lesson.


Be the change you want to see in this world.

But I can’t change it, unless I change myself.


I come before you a man of

god, so Godspeed, I prophesied, that nothing is guaranteed, even if I PLEAD the blood of Jesus, it didn’t stop temptation from getting to Adam….. and EVE.


I’m a writer, Poet, activist and a creator, with a sense of humor I couldn’t measure. So why I don’t run for president?

Nah cause if I did, they’d slap on CHAINS, with my face in the terrain, Because I’m a black individual so I’m obviously,

I’m to BLAME!


I could talk all day about black empowerment, but I will just say…BLACK LIVES MATTER!

But I’m not talking about a hashtag, or a white flag, even a N-E-G-U-S brag, or the fact that the new white hood in America is the police badge.


But there not all bad…

Does that mean I shouldn’t be sad?

Or maybe I should forget it happened, Tweet about it and be GLAD,

that’s it not me….



I’m talking about senseless, unadulterated violence within the black community, and we just want to be FREE…


They say I got CRAZY EYES but, Orange has always been the new black.

The way they lock up my brothers and throw them in the sack I must watch my back.

Cause if I accidentally read a book they might see I’m educating myself, unload the bullet, then SMACK!


So what must I do to get people to remember the seeds that I have planted on these hollow grounds I walk? Do I have to win a nobel peace prize? Spark a Nation? Or talk the talk?


Remember me, not as the man I’m going to be, or even the vision I can already foresee. Remember who I am today,.

The man with the Dream,

With the melanin gleam

The Leader of my team!

With the slight quick flow scheme.


So as I stand before you today

I’m done with this Chosen Notion of Handwoven emotion cause this…

Is my 15-Minute Implosion.




Joshua Gay is a current student at North Carolina Central University. He has worked at an Internship with Odyssey, while also being the President of his club Eagle Creators Society. Joshua is trying his hardest to build up the English department, and to leave his legacy at NCCU.


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