Baby Girl

Baby Girl

by Gabrielle Harris

Baby girl skin so brown,

Smile that hides an inner frown

Hair on your head, you should wear it like a crown.

Hips so wide, they move from side to side

Your mind is a strong kingdom, in which you should take pride.

You have the world against you!

Nobody to hold your hand, understand, or be there with you.

You can be, you can do, and you can dream!

Life Ain’t been easy for ya girl, but just believe.

You don’t see your worth!

But don’t let me bore you,

I just had to let you know, that I adore you.

You see, I’ve both witnessed and experienced how society loves to beat you down.

White men will say your lips are too big

But then spend millions to make their wives hips, lips, and breast

More round.

Now isn’t that upside down?

Or what about that ungrateful Tyrone, that can’t step up to be man

But will say you don’t know your place as a woman,

And then leave you for Rebecca’s hand.

Truth be told

Even if all the flows in this poem don’t all rhyme

I had to take the time

To help show you, your shine

Oh baby girl,

You’re fine like wine, or maybe the brilliant ideas that cross your mind.

Baby girl! Oh baby girl! It’s your time.


Gabrielle Harris is a rising junior and, Political science major at North Carolina Central University, and is a native of Conway North Carolina.


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