Year 17

Year 17

by Deon Taylor


I take the magic supplements as if It’s a snack

My body

My brain slows

Nothing feels real

I drop into a state that no one has seen

The light shines

Shines brighter as I walk towards it

There’s shaking, the world comes back to me

Is this life or death?

I look up

There she is standing over me

Her face looks like a worried mother’s

She tells me I wasn’t moving

Fear ran over her

I laughed it off as I realized

These supplements aren’t for me

To see the look on her face

Could I have died?

That light too intense

For my eyes surrounded by an eternal darkness

I bring the rest from the hiding place

No more

I empty the rest from the bag

I turn my back away

Forever I will keep my mind and body


The feeling of darkness takes back over my body

The darkness surrounding me with its blackened wings

Forever I will stay with thee

In the world

Of eternal darkness


Deon Taylor is a criminal justice and psychology major at NCCU. He enjoys writing whenever he has the chance. Deon started to get into poetry in the 7th grade where his poetry was modeled after his favorite poet, Edgar Allen Poe. Deon, after being inspired by his two favorite authors, James Patterson and J.K. Rowling, started to work on a book based in the fiction genre. He is currently rewriting his first book and already has started on his second one. He has an idea to create a series of nine books total.


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