About Ex Umbra

Ex Umbra is a student-led online literary magazine at North Carolina Central University of Durham, NC.  We are honored to support a creative showcase and provide publication opportunities to students poets and writers.

We are looking for works that capture those unforeseen often abrupt moments in life that jolt us into a new sense of awareness: one that renovates the way in which we see ourselves and others.

We have been recently reawakened from a print-only culture. We are reborn digital and in this gravity-less environment we want to see what happens when stories float without constraint. Together we can make the image dance, the text sing, the digital collapse into one thousand thousand infinities of cooperative invention.

We believe that creativity doesn’t (and shouldn’t) fit easily into neat, concrete boxes.

At EX UMBRA we let our genres breath. We give them room to bleed into one another because we believe, like us, genres have feelings too.

And feelings need room to be worked through.

We don’t even really know what genres are anymore. You figure it out. We’re not into constraint.

We’re in the business of giving your work a place to sing.

We are the cooperative infinity plus one.

Look closely.


Your stories are everywhere.



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