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Boxes and Holes: The Importance of the ‘Black Panther’ (Winner Spring 2017 Ex Umbra Literary Contest!)

Boxes and Holes: The Importance of the ‘Black Panther’

by Aaron Dial

My father lives in a box. He has existed, and as far as I can gather will always exist – both in mind and body – in these cramped and stifling shelters. He is a giant; in the same way I imagine most fathers are. By giant, I am not referring to his stature; for me, ‘giant’ indicates his wealth of experience garnered through a bibliographic sense of control and an archeological understanding of discovery. Simply put, he has lived a life.Continue reading “Boxes and Holes: The Importance of the ‘Black Panther’ (Winner Spring 2017 Ex Umbra Literary Contest!)”

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11 Days

11 Days

by Randy Ludlum

Simon admits defeat to the overwhelming decision carrying with it the unfathomable cost, and sacrifice to come. A blanket of darkness began to dissolves the world away from him, breaking down buildings, cars, and people into a greying mist. The last remnants swirl across Simon’s body as if a gentle breeze, while the absent abyss was there to welcome him. Simon, weak and trembling in a nearly violent manner reached for his pocket. He pulls a small oval shaped controller, and presses its blue button.Continue reading “11 Days”



by Bryson Byrd

Freedom, utter freedom

What it must feel like out there.

Running through the streets without a care.

The open air sweeps across my shouldersContinue reading “Freedom”



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