HISTORY: a work in progress, as all history should be… 🙂

The creative voice of Ex Umbra is a literary Magazine that first emerged in the peak of the Black Power movement. The Ex Umbra Magazine was started at what was formally North Carolina College at Durham, and distributed in print.

Ex Umbra Previous History

  1. 2010 Campus Echo article about the demise (again) of Ex Umbra due to funding cuts
  2. 2004 Campus Echo article documenting re-funding of lit mag
  3. 2004 Campus Echo article about sudden closure of Ex Umbra
  4. 2002 Campus Echo article about Ex Umbra‘s editor’s vision for the mag

New Ex Umbra: a Digital History in the Making:

On February 5, 2014 word was out that students were enthusiastic and ready to reload Ex Umbra an carry on the legacy of NCCU eagles.

  1. 2014 Campus Echo article about our digital lit mag project

On April 11, 2017 we debuted a new issue that featured winners of our Ex Umbra Literary Contest.


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